from Dec 05 to Dec 07 2023


at University of Camerino

A three-day workshop on

Scientific toolkit for kernel-based approximation and its applications 

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Day 0

Welcome tour of Camerino

Day 1

Scientific communication

Day 2

Working group Hackathon



General Info

The workshop "Scientific toolkit for kernel-based approximation and its applications" (SToK2023) seeks to combine scientific computing software on meshless approximation techniques into a single multi-purpose tool. This program will allow researchers to test cutting-edge numerical techniques on test problems as well as solve challenging real-world situations. The workshop aims to lay the groundwork for the creation and subsequent development of a widely used scientific library based on kernel-based approximation techniques, a tool that, unlike mature competitors based on classical approximation techniques (e.g., finite elements and finite volumes), is currently unavailable in the world of scientific research. Finally, the workshop seeks to be a breeding ground for ideas for young researchers whose research interests overlap with the theme of SToK2023, as well as for young researchers working in different fields and still receiving benefits from cross-contamination of ideas.

Kernel-base approximation: ongoing studies, software, applications.



The Venue


Polo Giachetta

Camerino is located in Marche Region that lies on the eastern side of central Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the high Apennine mountains. Maps and Travel




Deadline: October 8, 2023

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